Minecraft Democracy Perfected

Survival, but grand

Explore the vast forests of a Mega Taiga, right at the spawn

Participate in the creation of worlds and realms. We rule the server together in DEMOCRACY!

Epic in Scale

Continue further and settle in peace. Free of Grieving and Evil. Under the protection of the Imperial Law you shall thrive!

Step into the Light

Connect now to our server, at

Madness, Bows and Knockback. Play Grand Knockback Games!

Some say that servers should have kits, upgrades and other shenenigans. We say that battles should be fair and equal.

At the Grand Knockback Games, you will all fight with equal weapons and opportunities. Smite your enemies into the depths with a bow more powerful than you can imagine. Watch them scream in agony as they fall from great heights and you stand triumphantly over them. No friendship survives the Grand Knockback Games.


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Lord Justice

Lord President Elect


Lord Judge

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